Florida Hospital Waterman | Waterman Wellness | Winter 2019

4 AdventHealthWaterman.com | Winter 2019 CAROLYN ZILLANTE, of Eustis, credits a small brochure with helping save her life last year. “I had a brochure I picked up at the hospital when my husband was there after his heart attack,” Zillante says. “I had the brochure on my refrigerator, and it mentioned that you could be having a heart attack if you have jaw pain. That’s what made me think I’d better get to the hospital. My husband’s symptoms when he had his heart attack were very different than mine.” The brochure was all about early heart attack care and explained how heart attacks have a variety of symptoms, such as nausea, arm pain, jaw pain, shortness of breath, chest pressure and more. Zillante had read it and brought it home from AdventHealth Waterman just a few months before noticing her symptoms. Off to the emergency room “Before I knew I had a problem, I would be outside working in the yard and I would get heart palpitations,” says Zillante. “I felt I needed to see a doctor. My husband had survived a heart attack, and I was nervous, so I went for a checkup. Everything came back OK. Then about 10 days later, I had a pain that went from my right ear down my jaw and the side of my neck a little bit. Within a few minutes, I had a pain in my left arm too. I knew something wasn’t right with my body.” Zillante immediately went to the AdventHealth Waterman emergency department. heart Carolyn listened to her When heart attack symptoms hit, she knew what they were Women’s Hot Topic Breakfast FEATURING: Gary Allen, MD, and Joanne Balkaran, DPM Friday, Feb. 1, 8 to 10 a.m., Tavares Pavilion on the Lake Join us for a heart-healthy breakfast and a discussion on women’s health. Topics include heart health and foot health. Attend these heart-healthy events