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FHWaterman . com 5 After coronary artery bypass surgery and grafting, James Gibby says he has “no sensation of ever having surgery or heart failure.” He has stayed active and looks forward to traveling with his wife. The primary thing I would say to anyone else is if you have an issue, deal with it. Don’t ignore it.” —James Gibby What is CABG? “During CABG, a healthy vein or artery from an- other part of the body is grafted to the blocked artery, creating a new passageway for oxygen-rich blood to reach the heart,” says Dr. Allen. “This vein or artery may be removed from the leg, chest, or forearm. It is then attached to the aorta on one end and the diseased coronary artery on the other end, just past the blocked area. Blood is then redirected through the graft, de- touring the diseased section and increasing blood flow to that area of the heart.” Gary Allen, MD Visit FHWatermanHeart.com to take a heart health quiz today.