Florida Hospital Waterman | Waterman Wellness | Fall 2018

WATERMAN NEWS Find out how Florida Hospital Waterman is help- ing improve the health and well-being of Lake County. Don’t miss the latest episodes of: Connect With Waterman Waterman Wellness TV Go to WatermanWellness.com for the Lake Sumter TV schedule and channels. VISIT CONRYCREATIONHEALTH.COM for more healthy living tips and classes. Makes 4 servings. Ingredients Seasoning marinade ½ teaspoon chili powder ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ground cumin ¼ teaspoon garlic powder 1 ⁄ 8 teaspoon finely ground coffee 1 ⁄ 8 teaspoon ground black pepper Filling ½ tablespoon canola oil 1 pound turkey cutlets or boneless turkey breast, cut into ¾-inch- by-3-inch pieces 4 taco-size (9-inch) whole-wheat tortillas 1 1 ⁄ 3 cups lightly packed baby spinach ½ cup salsa verde 2 (½-inch) slices red onion, halved crosswise 12 (½-inch) strips red bell pepper Directions • In small bowl, whisk together chili powder, cinnamon, cumin, garlic powder, coffee and black pepper. • Place canola oil and turkey in mixing bowl and add dry seasoning marinade. Using a fork or your hands, mix to coat turkey evenly with marinade. Set aside for 20 to 30 minutes. • Heat medium cast-iron skillet over medium- high heat. Lay a large sheet of foil on your work surface. One at a time, heat torti- llas in dry pan until they are flexible, about 1 minute, turning them after 30 seconds. • Stack tortillas on foil, covering them with an inverted plate until all tortillas are warmed, then seal tortillas in foil, and set them aside. • Heat grill-pan or stovetop grill over high heat until a drop of water flicked onto it dances. Using tongs, arrange seasoned turkey pieces in rows on grill, placing them ½-inch apart. This may require cooking turkey in 2 batches. • Grill for 6 minutes, turning pieces every 1 minute so they cook evenly and to avoid burning. Transfer cooked turkey to serving plate. • To assemble fajitas, place warm tortilla on a dinner plate, preferably warm. Arrange ¼ of spinach in center of tortilla. Add ¼ of turkey. Spoon on ¼ of salsa, top with half an onion slice and 4 pepper strips. Fold in top and bot- tom of tortilla, then sides. Serve immediately. Cook turkey to 165 degrees to help prevent foodborne illness. Outlook: How to be happy Along with creating us to pursue Him, God also created us to pursue our- selves. How we treat ourselves affects what we offer to the world and is rooted in the CREATION Health aspect of outlook . Ultimately, outlook is our choice. It’s a simple concept with a major impact on us personally and on the people around us. If we choose a positive outlook, positive results will follow. If we choose a negative outlook, negative results will occur. Our outlook plays a key role in our health and happiness. Negativity can potentially harm our health, and it allows no room for happiness. To be happy, we need to choose a positive outlook—if not for the sake of others, at least for our own well-being. Turkey fajitas with baby spinach and red peppers Nutrition information Serving size: 1 fajita. Amount per serving: 317 calories, 6g total fat (less than 1g saturated fat), 31g carbohydrates, 34g protein, 2g dietary fiber, 492mg sodium. Source: American Institute for Cancer Research 2 FHWaterman.com | Fall 2018